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  • The Rant Sessions

The Rant Sessions is the official media outlet of Marist College Hockey. Created in 2015 by myself and Matt McNamara (Spectrum News Hudson Valley), the Rant Sessions serves as the sole live streaming service for Marist Hockey games complete with play-by-play in HD quality. The Rant Sessions Podcast interviews players and coaches and covers news and analysis. We also create multimedia promotional content including press releases, commercial spots and print articles. In the 2018-19 season, the Rant Sessions Media Facebook following grew by 48%, with its Twitter following growing by 27%. The Marist Ice Hockey official Facebook page also grew by 21%, thanks in no small part to the Rant Sessions' efforts.

Marist Hockey Hall of Fame & Statistics Database

  • Marist Hockey Statistics Database

I founded the Marist Hockey Hall of Fame in 2017. I began compiling statistics over Marist’s 40-year history, as numbers prior to 2013 are hard to find. I searched the team’s website, the ACHA database, old media guides and yearbooks, former coaches’ records, the database of MCHC (Marist’s former league, 1982-1996) as provided by the MCHC commissioner, reviewed old game tapes, and most laboriously, logged every name and stat listed in the Marist weekly paper, The Circle, dating back to the program’s inception in 1979. The Hall of Fame had five inaugural inductees on January 20th, 2018. Over 100 former players and coaches attended an alumni skate and induction ceremony in 2018, followed by a record-setting 150 attendees in 2019. I serve as Vice-Chairman along with assistant coach and alumni relations representative Brian Pecchia.

The Randy Moller Goal Call Initiative

The Randy Moller Goal Call Initiative is a charity inspired and endorsed by the Florida Panthers’ broadcaster Randy Moller. Just as Moller would take suggestions on the Dan LeBatard Show for quotes and lyrics to shout after a Panthers goal for his radio play-by-play, we took suggestions for pop culture references to shout after a Marist goal over social media and on the Rant Sessions Podcast. Every suggestion would result in a dollar of our own money forwarded to Hodgkin’s lymphoma research in honor of Marist captain Austin King, who beat Hodgkin’s during his tenure at Marist. The charity raised over $1,300 in four seasons. Check out goal call highlights here.

Special Events Coordinated

Serving as Special Events Coordinator for Marist College Hockey means planning, promoting and executing 3-5 charity games per year. Events include:

  • "Pack the Rink Night" for Hodgkin's lymphoma research (2/3/17). Original event. Personally solicited raffle prizes from local businesses, emceed between-period games. Over 500 attendees and $1,000 raised.

  • "Heroes on Ice" vs FDNY for Hurricane Harvey Relief (9/30/17). Designed and sold t-shirts for event. Over $2,500 raised.

  • "Pink the Rink" for breast cancer awareness (10/23/17, 10/27/18). Improved on 10-year tradition at Marist College. Orchestrated partnership with Marist chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Over $4,500 raised in two years. Nearly 150% increase in annual donation since becoming Special Event Coordinator.

  • "Disable the Label" for Autism Awareness (12/2/17, 12/1/18). Created partnership with Autism Speaks, Best Buddies program for original event. Over $3,000 raised in first two years of newfound tradition.

  • "Alumni Day" (1/26/19). Record-setting 150 attendees for Hall of Fame induction ceremony held in a local banquet hall, with over 400 fans in attendance for the afternoon rivalry matchup with Siena College. Over 650 unique views on our live Facebook stream of the game in addition to those in attendance.

jersey corner

  • The Jersey Corner

Jersey Corner is a web series evaluating the good, bad and ugly in sports jerseys. Self-written, filmed, performed and edited, “Jersey Corner” garners hundreds of views an episode for both 5-10 minute jersey reviews and 10-25 minute feature stories on tangentially related topics.

The New York AppleCore are long-standing members of the Eastern Hockey League, the top producer of DII-DIII talent in the country. I set up and provided live play-by-play commentary for all AppleCore regular season and playoff games over MyHockeyTV, ran the team's official Twitter account, and provided pre-, in-, and post-game interviews with players and head coach Graham Johnson. I also cut post-game highlights featured on the AppleCore and EHL social media accounts. Running the team Twitter account, our following grew by 30%.


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