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Danbury Featured Posts

Hat Tricks honor superfan Brenda St. Clair (FB) - 245 likes, 10.3k views

"Last night the boys played with a little extra jump in their step to honor one of Danbury's biggest fans. Brenda St. Clair has cheered on Danbury hockey from day one, from the Trashers to the Whalers to the Hat Tricks and everything in between. So we named her our Honorary Goaltender. Thanks for all your unwavering support Brenda, last night's W was for you!"

Nick Niedert: A Danbury Legend (FB) - 119 likes, 5k views, 40 shares

"Earlier this week, a Danbury legend said his farewell to the city. We figured we'd return the favor. Thank you for everything, Nick Niedert. Best of luck in your next chapter. #legend"

The Memes

Danbury's Twitter account received a lot of traction for their myriad of memes. And who doesn't love a good ol' fashioned roast once in a while? Creativity is the name of the game, and as the Vegas Golden Knights proved, memes can go a long way towards building a brand identity. So let the Office and Stephen A. Smith memes fly, I say.

Guaranteed Win Night (1/3/20)

On January 3rd, 2020, the Danbury-rival Elmira Enforcers hosted a promotional Guaranteed Win Night in upstate New York against the winless Battle Creek Rumble Bees, who entered the game 0-24-1. They had just set the record for worst start to a season in North American pro hockey history. On Guaranteed Win Night, the Rumble Bees pulled off the impossible and stole a 2-1 victory- the only win they would earn all season (1-45-2). We a little mileage out of it in the meme department. Rightfully so.

Carolina Thunderbirds Banner Night (11/8/19)

The Carolina Thunderbirds hosted the Danbury Hat Tricks on November 8th, 2019 for their home opener. Prior to the game, they attempted to raise their 2019 Commissioner's Cup Champion banner to the rafters...only to have the cables supporting the banner snap, causing the banner to flap helplessly about and be lowered to the ground. To add insult to injury, the Hat Tricks earned their first win in franchise history that same night. We decided to make a virtual replacement the following day.

Danbury Colonials

While serving as Director of Communications for the Hat Tricks, I also was in charge of generating content and editing videos for teh Danbury Colonials junior team. I would write post-game recap articles, conduct interviews and post entertaining side projects like the Nardi-Cam Go-Pro series and behind-the-scenes practice footage.
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